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BGEye Free Download


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* Desktop wallpaper system information rendering system.

* Rendered elements optionally include...

>>>>> Title Text.

>>>>> UserName.

>>>>> Local Date and Time

>>>>> Day Of Year.

>>>>> Percent Of Year.

>>>>> ComputerName.

>>>>> Computer Uptime.

>>>>> Accumulator (Days, Hours and Minutes).

>>>>> CPU(s) (Clock Speed (MHz), Model, Manufacturer etc).

>>>>> Graphics Devices (Model, Manufacturer etc).

>>>>> Audio Devices (Model, Manufacturer etc).

>>>>> Network Devices (Model, Manufacturer etc).

>>>>> USB Device(s).

>>>>> Processes (Total and Maximum).

>>>>> RAM (Total, Load and Maximum Load (Load including Page File)).

>>>>> Registry (Size and Size Limit).

>>>>> Local Disk Drives (Type, Size and Load).

>>>>> Remote (Networked) Disk Drives (Type, Size and Load).

>>>>> Compass.

* Download includes BGEye Suit Editor.

System Requirements:

DirectX 9.0c (XP Default), 2nd Generation 3D Graphics Hardware.

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